Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus

Ultra Catchy Atomic Pop Interlude

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"There are moments when you get to hear something special that makes all of the hard work involved in running a music site worth it, Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus, from the band JoyFocus falls into that rare category..."


 C.W. Ross - Indie Music Stop.com

"This is just a small sample, but it's obvious that JoyFocus has a certain spark or chemistry that turns the connection of notes and words into something more than just the song. They have a full length release due in the Fall of 2008, and I will be excited to see what that brings..."

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"Ultimately, the Chicago-based duo of musician Rikk Currence and singer Holly Joy have cultivated their own pop sound that is still completely acceptable for all ages and creeds but also people from varying social backgrounds. Yes there are aggressive guitars and thunderous drums like Def Leppard just stepped in the building, but there are also soft synths and masterful piano riffs that stabilize any forcefulness. The result is a precise and expertly-produced sound and an emotional, spiritual note that is alternative to the conventionality of the pop genre."


                                                  Daniel Davidson-Amadi - Music News.com (UK)

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"JoyFocus stays loyal to their own exuberant, consistent formula and style and somehow avoids sounding predictable. They are a warm, familiar place to go home to when the music fan wants music for a bright summer day, a shot in the arm, a sonic friend who’s had too much coffee and wants to drive around the city with the windows down and the volume up."​


                                                                          Sean McCauley - Sonic Smash-Music

"Holly’s vocals are as powerful and moving as Rikk’s guitar tones and engineering work.

If you haven’t heard these guys before, now would be a great time to start catching up!"​


                                               Joshua Smotherman -   Middle Tennessee Music

Mission Critical Extended Play List

"The duo are able to rattle up a thumping resonance which more than tickles the ears as the lyrics seek to extend the boundaries to the point of inflexibility before rebounding back to the playground, which they steal as their own and take the territory. There is nothing wrong with being the middle of the ground so long as you don’t pretend to be anything else & so long as you do it with conviction and JoyFocus do this with alacrity as they joyfully offer a space in which we can all survive".


                                                                                                 Tim -   Indie Bands Blog

"Music like this is sorely missing from the 2013 repertoire. JoyFocus fills this musical void,  these 2 can hold her own against any controversial Pop/Rock star out there right now."


                                                                   Scottie Carlito -  All What's Rock Blog

"It’s safe to say that on Cyber Suburban Electric Rock Circus JoyFocus found what

they are looking for. Even with strong spiritual themes, this may be one of most dynamic pop/rock albums to come across my desk in quite a while. JoyFocus is a musical force to be reckoned with, delivering a positive message through big, hook-heavy pop/rock songs that just won’t leave you alone"


                                                                                     Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"....A fine band multi-instrumentalist Rikk Currence and singer Holly Joy               have got, as evidenced by the effervescent mix of modern synth-pop, vintage Queen orchestral bombast, the occasional Prince-like funk flourish and all-around melodic goodness on their third and latest indie album since 2001"Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus." That may be a lengthy title, but it also is an accurate description of the gleeful sounds streaming on the group's Web site--and that's the honest to God truth.

                                                                         Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times
" JoyFocus is made up of musician Rikk Currence and singer Holly Joy, their music is radio friendly and full of artistic expression. The play list of JoyFocus’ latest album, Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus, is made up of compelling music and lyrics that produce emotion that any audience could relate to. Think drums, loud guitars, massive vocals, intense lyrics and a unique sound and you have JoyFocus."

"I love bands who take a refreshing approach to what’s normal.....to see a band producing good, clean music with a unique beautiful sound is something so rare. This is just one reason why I love this record.



                                                             Alex -  Show Me Something Different Blog

"Final Word: JoyFocus have proven themselves with these latest releases. They are clearly an up and coming talent and both members are clearly capable musicians, singers and entertainers. I must admit JoyFocus sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the 2 singes were over. This usually indicates there is something special about the artist or band in question. ...Thus deserving praise, recognition and musical fame at the international level"

                                                                            Drew Blackwell - Rock 'n Roll View

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Ultra Catchy Atomic Pop Interlude

Supper Happy Family Wish Record

Released on August 17th 2001  Currently out of print

"JoyFocus is an image between comics and wrestling combined to a great professionality that allows to enjoy the positive pop rock with traces of modern rock."

 AOR Website

"You probably wouldn't know what to expect when if you saw the record in the store, but Joy Focus covers a few bases anyway. ... I like the way the band plays around with arrangements and vocal layering; it gives each of the seven tracks its own personality....


                                                                 Bill Holmes - Cosmik Debris Magazine

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"JoyFocus’s insistence on building a narrative within the album works wonders and helps to it gain greater emotional impact."​


                                                         Beach Sloth -   beachsloth.blogspot.com

 "All eight of the songs that make up, ‘RADAH,’ pull you in with their deepness be it dealing with lost love or the spiritual undertones that flows from the album and explode out...."​

                                                                                C.W. Ross - C.W's Place.com

"Listeners will be sure to enjoy the great mixture of instrumentals and vocals that this record provides. All of the best influences from “Eurythmics”, “The Cars”, “Roxette”, “Queen”, “Boston” and “The Outfield” can be heard shining though on this masterpiece!"​


                                                       George Craven - Melodic - Hard Rock.com

"...There’s a drive and ambition in this band I can truly hear and admire; and looking at their social media and official pages will tell you quite clearly they couldn’t give a rat’s ass what I, or anyone else feels about their music…as long as we feel SOMETHING. I’m certainly not indifferent; I think JoyFocus does what they do extremely well and I think their vibrant melodies will appeal to many people looking for a more classic sound in today’s world full of modern music."​


                                                              Jer@SBS - Sleeping Bag Studios.com

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"These songs are filled with inspirational lyricism and powerful production, the kind of music that may be best suited for a workout montage or Sylvester Stallone’s iPod...At the end of the day, this is a fantastic offering from two very seasoned musical veterans..."​


                                                                    Brett Stewart -  Brettstewart.net

"Random Access Digital Audio Heresy sees Rikk Currence and Holly Joy come up with an album that somehow doesn’t seem to fit in with the establishment of Chicago’s past contributions to the world of music but ploughs its own furrow and with a jet packed engine underneath its sizeable hood and offers a new insight into how the Mid-West should be seen and heard. Audio heresy perhaps in many eyes but this is a set of songs that really get to grips to being part of the 21st Century and the appeal of encompassing hybrid of Rock and Pop; a controlled explosion which gets to the very heart of the matter of being influenced by the past but not allowing it to dominate the future."​


                                                             Ian D. Hall - Liverpool Sound & Vision

"This is album is the stuff of legends. You can expect to hear catchy rock riffs laid down with a unique, enjoyable guitar tones that harkens back to the more classic rock eras. Holly’s singing is irreplaceable because her voice is a perfect fit for the melodic but edgy music that JoyFocus produces, while the lyrics are inspiring and powerfully relevant...."​


                                                                 Jeena Johnson -  Soundlooks.com

"The Joy/Currence duo approach gives an intimate feel to proceedings; being Pop-based Melodic Rock...overall, I would say the vocals and general song structures in 'Random Access Digital Audio Heresy' are in the envelope of Pat Benatar and that's high praise indeed!  A solid album full of Melodic Rock with a few twists and turns."​


                                                                   Rob McKenzie -  Rocktopia.com

"Indeed, this is a duo much like Roxette or Eurythmics (yes, proud to be 80's fans @RockUnited) with a great female vocalist, Holly Joy, (what a name - I think I'm in love) and the multi-talanted, Rikk Currence (guitars/keys/production/writer). Holly is a pure 'Joy' to listen to with sweet harmonies in the vein of Wilson/Phillips (they were huge in the early 90's) and a remarkable strong persona. Opening track, "Audrey Is Gone", is close to the Wilson/Phillips sound only with crunchy guitars and a touch of The Outfields. "Princess Samantha" is modern power-pop with a 80's flirt. "Grey Day My Way", quirky songwriting in the vein of "Six Broken Soldiers" (King's X) done in a power-pop version and with a mind opening refrain 'ala Cyndi Lauper (or should that be 'The Hooters' or 'i-Ten' as they wrote her biggest hits)."Prayer" is a superb ballad and, "All That You Need", will walk you through the 'Mutt' sound via The Cars to Def Leppard guitars and to the twang of Shania Twain. Really catchy stuff and this will also have you thinking about an out and rocking version of Kelly Clarkson. "


Urban "Wally" Wallstrom - RockUnited.com

"Random Access Digital Audio Heresy is a really easy album to like it’s full of instant songs that hit you hard and fast, leaving a lasting impression which will lead to many repeated plays! If like me you’re a fan of pop/rock and female vocalists in general then this is an essential listen, so what are you waiting for go find JoyFous on the ol’ Tinternet, buy it and enjoy!"​

                                                          Woody -  Woody's Rock Reviews.com