We’re JoyFocus.

We are a Modern / AOR / Arena  / Rock band form the western suburbs of Chicago Illinois, which is located in the good 'ol United States of America.


If you don't know what any of the aforementioned musical descriptors are...then there is a strong chance we may not be the best musical match for you.

We make records with the intent to both entertain and inspire the audience.


We aim to write songs that can hopefully transcend the moment, and allow people to find something they can connect to on an emotional, spiritual and sometimes even a visceral level.

Our only request form any listener is that they let our actual music determine how they measure us in their audio universe - not the "hype" or lack therefore of. 

If you like what we do, tell someone.

If you hate what we do, tell everyone.


Rikk & Holly - JoyFocus